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La Reina is the first online, high-end wedding dress platform where you can access the most renowned designers, right at your door-step.


  La Reina means "The Queen" in Spanish, and we believe every bride's wedding experience should be easy and convenient, all while making sure she looks like a queen.



We're not competing with the current market, we're creating our own. We exist because there are great designers out there and their art should be exposed to the world. We seized the opportunity to provide hundreds of brides paying large amounts of money for their wedding dresses only to leave them forever in a closet with a brand new and innovative wedding dress experience. Now, past brides can create an investment in their dresses, and future brides can have their dream dress at a better budget. 




Ghada Eltanawy is an AUC graduate and Founder of La Reina and the person behind the idea of revolutionizing the designer experience: a business model that helps future brides have the designer wedding experience without the financial sacrifice.


Herself engaged to be married, Eltanawy’s idea for La Reina Gowns came about when she was looking at wedding gowns for her big day. She couldn't find the perfect gown except in designer collections, and checking their prices Eltanawy couldn't justify spending more than $10K on a dress that would only be worn for 3 hours and then spend a lifetime in a dusty closet. It was then Eltanawy realized there was a gap in the market for high-end designer wedding gowns for pragmatic brides who want value for money but don't want to settle for a mass produced wedding dress like millions of other brides around the world. 


After attending many weddings where brides had put exceptional effort, time and money into creating gowns that looked like a pieces of art, Eltanawy decided to reinvent a business model that would make these extraordinary gowns available without having to travel abroad, wait for months until they appeared in the Egyptian market or even pay $10K+ just to get your dream gown.


La Reina was born because a wedding is a once in a lifetime event and every bride deserves to be absolutely stunning without compromise.   


Enas Komsan is a Fine Arts graduate and La Reina’s senior consultant. 


Komsan has a passion for fashion that she discovered during her university years, inspiring her graduation project to be an oil painting of two runway models. Right after graduating, Komsan spent two years studying the fashion industry, learning several techniques from fashion designing to pattern making, styling and special techniques. She also attended many workshops and competitions to enhance her skills and abilities. Komsan got elected for the George W. Bush leadership program and participated in competitions in Berlin, Spain and Town House. Komsan started her professional career by joining a featured fashion designer for a year and then became a fashion designer for Marie Louis for 4 years, all while managing her own brand. Komsan believes in La Reina’s vision and is responsible for La Reina’s fashion consulting.

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