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Whereas, the company is an e-commerce platform that is engaged in promoting wedding, evening dresses, accessories and fashion items.

Whereas, The consignor is interested in promoting her wedding dress, evening dresses, accessories or any fashion product.

The consignor hereby appoints the company as its sole agent for promoting the renting and/or selling out wedding, evening dresses, accessories and any fashion product of the consignor as specified in Exhibit A.  (Hereinafter referred as “Products”) in return for commission whether through selling or renting the products as per the term and conditions below: 

1.     General Conditions:

1.1.The Company has the sole right to approve or reject the Products according to our expertise.

1.2.All Products should be submitted through the website only and further communications are handled through the consignor’s personal account. The company is not liable for any product not submitted through the website.

1.3.Products are only accepted in new, excellent and like new condition.

1.4.Any product with defects; such as, but not limited to Odor, Stains, Fading, tears, broken zippers, missing or broken buttons, will not be accepted.

1.5. Understands that after certain number of rentals of the Products, it will not be in the exact same condition that it was when given to the Company. 

1.6.In case of no feedback; after 10 days of the company’s advisory price update on the consignor’s account, it will be considered as acceptance of terms.

1.7.The products which are not accepted by the company:

1.7.1.     The products will be shipped back to the consignor at consignor’s cost within 7 days of notice (one phone call, text message or email) with extra fees depending on the type of the product. 

1.7.2.     The consignor has to pick it up within 7 days from the Company’s location with the message received and the Consignor's ID.

1.7.3.     In case of exceeding 7 days, Product(s) will be donated to a charity chosen by the company. 

1.8.In case of rejection from the Consignor's side

1.8.1.     The Consignor may pick up the products from the company's location within 7 days.

1.8.2.     The products may be shipped by courier with extra fees depending on the type of the product; if requested.

1.8.3.      In case of exceeding 7 days, Product(s) will be donated to a charity chosen by the company.

1.9.Any modifications regarding the Products' information takes 10 working days to be updated on website.

2      Price

2.1  The company’s fee for the wedding dresses in 30% from the total agreed price (the renting price published on La Reina’s website) and 50% for the evening dresses.

2.2  The price for the Products is jointly agreed, approved and set as detailed in Exhibit A.

2.3  Price and commission for the Products shall be provided in the Exhibit A attached hereto as an integral part of the terms and conditions.

3      Payments 

3.1  All the printing, promoting and design costs for the promotion will be incurred by the company.

3.2  The company will pay the consignor' share after incurring the revenues from performing the service of selling or renting quarterly after all expenses deduction.

4.     Consignor Obligations:

4.1. I represent and warrant that I am the sole owner of Products on consignment detailed in Exhibit (A).

4.2.  I shall give the company a quantity of products as detailed in Exhibit A.

4.3.  I must keep the Products for the consignment period entirely at the Company's premises; otherwise it's a breach of the terms and conditions.

4.4. The Products should be finished and ready to be used before submitting to the Company

4.5.  I bear all the Packaging, shipping, insurance and other handling expenses for the Products from my side before sending it to the Company.

5.     Company’s Services:

5.1. The Company shall promote the Products on its platforms.

5.2. The Company shall present a quarterly report specifying all the transaction occurred in order to settle the outstanding payments from its side quarterly.

5.3. The Company has the right keep the Products in its place for the Consignment Period entirely.

5.4. The company shall guarantee 3 free uses for the product(s).

5.4.1.           Themed Photo Shoot.

5.4.2.            Look Book photo shoot.

5.4.3.            PR promotion.

5.5. The Company is not responsible for lost packages in case that the owner assigns a courier company from his side.

5.6. The Company does not guarantee renting or selling the Products, it all depends on the demand.

6.      Compensation

6.1.In case of violating any of articles 5 "the consignor Obligations" including the consignor commitment to the consignment period entirely, the consignor will bear compensating The Company by 3,000 EGP/ Product as detailed in Exhibit A. 

6.2.The company shall take a good care of the products and insure them in case of theft or un-repairable damage

6.3.The company shall compensate on the following criteria; if the damage occurred during:

6.3.1.     1st Hire, The Company guarantees paying 25% of the Retail price in cash in addition to full renting price including The Company’s share.

6.3.2.     2nd Hire, The Company guarantees paying 12.5% of the retail price in cash in addition to full renting price including its share.

6.3.3.     3rd Hire, The Company guarantees paying a one full renting price including the Company’s share[F3] .

6.3.4.     In case that the Products has paid back to the consignor 100% of the retail price, the Company will not be liable to compensate the Consignor.

6.3.5.     In case of force majeure, the company is not liable for any loss or damage of the product if the failure is occasioned by war, strike, fire, Act of God, earthquake, flood, lockout, embargo, governmental acts or orders or restrictions, or any other reason where failure to perform is beyond the reasonable control and not caused by the negligence or intentional conduct or misconduct of the nonperforming party, and such party has exerted all reasonable efforts to avoid or remedy such force majeure.

7.      Confidentiality

7.1.  I agree that all information exchanged for the purpose or relating to under this terms and conditions will be confidential including the existence of this Agreement, the existence of negotiations, and the outcome of the negotiations between the Parties and except for the purposes of the terms and conditions.

7.2. I acknowledge that this is an exclusive agreement that confirms that I shall not do the same agreement with any e-commerce for the above purpose in Egypt other than the Company for the consignment period.

8.     Consignment Period: 

Consignment Period is 9 months from the date of publishing the Product(s) on the website.

9.      Assignment

This Agreement shall not be assignable by either party without the other party's written consent.

10.  Notice

Any notice required or permitted under this Agreement must be addressed to the consignor's information above. 

11. Governing Law

 Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, its interpretation, execution, the termination or invalidity thereof, shall be settled in accordance with the Egyptian Law.

13.   Termination

The validity of the terms and conditions is considered terminated upon expiry of the consignment period.

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