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Brides don’t usually know which dress can complement their body shapes the most. We’re going to help you choose to say YES to the right dress. First, let’s get to know your body shape.

Usually, each body shape needs a specific type of dress to help you look the best. Some girls get overwhelmed by how pretty a wedding dress looks and don’t care about how the final look will be. Try to be smarter, and choose the dress that looks good on YOUR body shape.

Second, let’s introduce you to the dress types.

Now for the Necklines,

The sweetheart usually fits girls with larger chests. As it accentuates your torso amd makes your neck look longer. Whereas the off the shoulder necklines usually looks good on all body types especially the pearl shapes as it showcases your collarbones and shoulders. A lot of the dresses we get have the Illusion Yoke neckline, and they usually fit all body shapes but it depends on the bride’s preferences. V-Neck necklines are a perfect fit for smaller chests. Strapless necklines are great from busty women who have great shoulders and collarbones, it can also be mixed with a sweetheart bodice for the perfect look. Moving on to the halter/high neck neckline, which usually are for our veiled girls here, halter necks usually work with broader shoulders, so let’s say your body shape is the inverted triangle, these kind of neckline would go great with you!

Now that you know your body shape and have an idea about the dress’s silhouettes and necklines. Let’s see which dress compliments your shape!

I think now you’re ready to scroll through our website, find your perfect dress match and book an appointment with La Reina ! We’ll be waiting for you!

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