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Part of our stress free bridal guide is to help you choose the best wedding venue for your big day. Keep on reading as we guide you through it.

Your wedding is an event where you meet all the family members and friends including the ones you’ve never seen before, right? That’s why you need to know the exact number of people you are going to invite. As this is the main key when choosing a venue, capacity of people helps you choose a venue that would fit everyone without feeling that your wedding is overcrowded.

Budget. Figure out how much you are willing to spend. Check the current rates at all the possible locations, and choose what’s the closest to the amount that you’ve set. Put in mind not to waste 50% of your budget just on the venue, as there are other aspects that need to be considered such as decorations and catering (if not offered).

Call to check availability. The most famous venues are sometimes booked up quickly. It’s best if you call before visiting the places in person.

Now to the favorite part for all brides, choosing the theme and style suitable for the wedding

Decide whether it’s going to be a traditional wedding inside a hotel’s ballroom or if you want its background to be Mother Nature, on the beach or green landscapes. It all comes back on the overall image you want your wedding to portray.

When it comes to visiting the venues, make sure not to book the first one you see. Make your choice wisely. Visit all the possible locations then write down the pros and cons of each. These pros and cons are in terms of: Restrictions of end timing, extra facilities, caterers, access to transportation and accommodations.

Once you’ve chosen the venue, it’s now time to see how the overall event will look like in terms of tables, linens, chairs, decorations and flowers. Also you must check if the venue offers in-house catering. If yes, make sure to do a tasting before the wedding.

As for most of the logistics part, you only need to consider how your guests will be arriving to your venue. Finally, have a plan B available in case of unpredictable weather changes (In cases of Outdoor weddings). It is better to choose a venue that has both options.

Sounds easy? Share your thoughts, and let us know which venue you chose.

Best Wishes,

La Reina

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